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Become a better leader, coach, or consultant with our proven systems that have positively impacted thousands of people around the globe. 

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Build Courage

Learn directly from bestselling author and leadership expert Bill Treasurer, originator of the organizational development practice of courage building. This is a rare chance to learn the same strategies and approaches that Treasurer has taught to thousands of executives around the world.

Lead & Succeed

Scale and strengthen your personal leadership skills by creating a culture of courage where personal accountability, daring work, courageous conversations, smart risk taking are the norm. Learn from the comfort of your office or living room!

Gain Experience

Our courses are focused and suitable for all experience levels, from early career professionals to seasoned leaders and coaches. Each course integrates with the next, so you have plenty of learning opportunities.

"Bill Treasurer’s ideas about courage and risk taking resonated so strongly with the Spanx team that we ended up working with the Giant Leap Consulting team on four occasions."

Sara Blakely
Founder & CEO, Spanx
Free Course

A 15-Minute Courage Course to Meet The Corona Moment

Now, more than ever, courage is invaluable. What's more, you already have it within you! All you need to do is ACTIVATE it.

In this FREE 15 minute courage-building program, courage-building pioneer Bill Treasurer presents a powerful, value-packed video series to help you unlock your inner strength.

You will walk away with:
 1) Your personal courage ACTIVATED
2) A DESIRE to build courage in others
3) The DRIVE to seek ways to create courageous opportunities.
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"The messages in Courageous Leadership are delivered in a clear, straightforward way and create a compelling reason for practicing courage. Our associates walked away with easy to implement strategies for demonstrating the three buckets of courage every day."

Pamela Booker
Sr. Director of Learning & Development, Saks Fifth Avenue

Signature Program #1

The Master Courage-building Certification Program

Transform your coaching practice, impact your bottom line, and offer a breakthrough training that gets results for organizations and clients.

This certification course provides an introduction to an entirely new, yet absolutely essential, organizational development practice—courage-building. The Master Courage-building Certification Program provides coaching professionals with a step-by-step approach for using courage to transform the workplace. 

WHO THIS IS FOR: The materials are ideal for executive and organizational coaches and consultants who want to expand their practice and focus on utilizing a deeper, transformational system that works from the inside out. This training is based on courage-building pioneer Bill Treasurer's system he teaches in workshops around the globe.

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What Is The Master Courage-building Certification Program?


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Signature Program #2

Courageous Leadership Foundations

Transform your organization, impact your bottom line.

This course provides an introduction to an entirely new, yet absolutely essential, organizational development practice—courage-building. The Courageous Leadership for Organizations program provides talent development professionals with a step-by-step approach for using courage to transform the workplace. 

WHO THIS IS FOR: The materials are ideal for executives, managers and organization leaders who are dedicated to strengthening leadership skills, improving performance, and counteracting the negative impacts of fear in the workplace.

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"If your aim is to develop courage as a workplace value and skill, then the Courageous Leadership program is the right choice for you. We’ve used the program numerous times at eBay, and find the material smart, easy to put into practice, and effective."

Shanna Gardner
eBay Senior Manager, Organization Development – Culture & Employee Experience

For New Leaders

Bill Treasurer's Leadership Essentials Academy

Make the practice of leadership less intimidating so you can enjoy being a leader and add potency to your leadership impact.

Leadership, as a practice, may be, and often is hard to do. But it doesn't have to be hard to understand. For over three decades I've been a student of leadership development. I've been fortunate to have worked with thousands of leaders across the globe. This course is a collection of all the essential leadership lessons that were taught to me by the thousands of leaders with who I've worked.

Consider Bill Treasurer's Leadership Essentials Academy the playbook that will help strengthen your leadership.

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Introducing the Leadership Essentials Academy


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Fast-Start Program

Great Coaching Questions Course - Coaching Questions That Unlock Real Results

Become a better and more effective coach in half the time with the Great Coaching Questions Course! Based on a proven framework and using your easy, portable Q Card set, this fast-start course will orient you to Q Cards and optimize your coaching practice. Package includes: fast-start course, your personal deck of Q Cards, and an electronic version of Bill Treasurer's "Coaching Excellence" workbook.

WHO THIS IS FOR: The Great Coaching Questions Course was specifically designed for coaches who want to offer a new and exciting modality to their coaching practice. This is a great fit for executive coaches, personal & life coaches, internal leadership consultants, department managers, and HR leaders. 

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